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MyFitness Pal

Friday, June 19th, 2015
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A Free, Fun and Friendly Approach to weight loss

If you are like me, your are concerned with losing weight but dont want to always limit myself. I would much rather form a better eating lifestyle over going on skme diet. I am looking for life-long eating habits that with help me lose my extra poundage and continue to keep them off. I recentlly went to a Nutritionist to get in the correct path. She told me that in order to adequately make changes, I had to to evalute what I was currently doing and see where I can make improvements. Her #1 suggesrion as a tool to hell me was Myfitnesspal.

Myfitnesspal is a simple, fun, informative way to track your nutrition and activity efforts.  There are both website and mobile device platforms to make the program accessible to all. The program offers food and exercise journaling that will help you keep track of your efforts and evw give you tips to better reach your goals. Everything within the program is easy to use. The food journal even has a barcode scanner feature for easier food journal entry.

On my favorite features is the social connections you can make to your weight loss. You have the ability to share your progress with friends who are also using the program, if you want to. You also have the ability to use the program discretly and individually. I enjoy the connectivity of the program because I stay motivated from the encouragement I recieve from my friends abd family. Come connect with me so we can encourage each other. My username is krishtianxw.