Massaging Stress

Man Stressed outStress is a part of our everyday lives. We experience stress during work, at school, through  personal crises.  And even when we go through a very important event in our personal lives.

While a little amount of stress can keep us alert and on our toes, too much of it is also bad. People who have a high rate of stress are much more prone to diseases, including heart failure. Emotional stress and anxiety can take a toll on the heart and make it work harder than it is intended to. If you have an existing heart condition, stress can make the symptoms worse.

Stressed people should therefore employ techniques in managing stress. Managing stress need not to be difficult and expensive. Here are some easy ways on how to cope up stress:

  1. Talk To Someone Close To You.  This can include and is not limited to friends, clergy, family or a lover . Verbalizing the problem can be cathartic and provide the clarity you are looking for.  Sometimes we need to hear things aloud to realize that an issue really isn’t a big as we made it out to be or provide a paradigm shift that will allow you to attack your problem in a more effective way.
  2. Engage In A Regular Meditation Practice. For this, you don’t even have to enroll in yoga or meditation classes. All you need to do is to take 15 to 20 minutes daily to meditate. Sit down in a serene, quiet place. Breathe deeply and think of a serene place.
  3. Live A Health-Conscious Lifestyle. When you feel health, your body can cope up with stress much better. You will also be able to resist most stress related diseases.
  4. Exercise Regularly. Exercise is a good way to manage stress and keeps the body healthy. Exercise should not be viewed as something that is strenuous. In fact, you can do something that you enjoy. Some popular and enjoyable exercises are walking, swimming, jogging, golfing, tai chi or cycling.
  5. Maintain A Positive Outlook. Do not worry too much by accepting that not all things can be controlled. Imbed in your mind that for every bad situation that brews in your life, there is a good or neutral outcome. Learn to say no to demands or tasks that you deem to stressful for you.

Managing stress is not as hard as you think. All it takes from you is the willpower to do these techniques.

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